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PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Using your own cells for the rejuvenation of your skin.

Now a natural and autologous (your own cells) option to combat ageing skin. This is regeneration with your own cells, using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that is collected and injected in a simple one hour appointment in our clinic. PRP is non-allergenic because it is your own enriched plasma that we use, offering a more natural method to facial rejuvenation.

What is the PRP process?

Prior to treatment a blood sample of approximately 10-20 mls is collected from you and placed on special sterile tubes. It is then immediately spun down using a centrifuge to separate out the plasma and platelet portion using the separator gel as a special filter. The PRP portion of your blood is then injected back into your skin, under topical local anesthetic, to stimulate new collagen production, and to re-energize your cells into rejuvenating themselves. The product injected is 100% your own blood by-product (autologous).

Which facial and body areas can be treated by PRP?

■   The delicate fine eye area – The Peri Orbital Rim
■   Cheeks
■   Mid face (cheeks, naso labial area)
■   Jaw line
■   Thinning skin on the neck
■   Back of hands
■   Décolletage
■   Knees
■   Elbows
■   Arms

What results can expect from my PRP treatment?

Three weeks after treatment results will become visible with an improvement in texture and tone to the skin. as the Platelets stimulate the growth factors which assist in more collagen growth. This will gradually improve over the ensuing months.
Cosmecuticals and other therapies, such as Thermage, will complement and enhance the results.
Advanced wrinkling and severe scarring may not respond.

How many treatments will I require?

This will be dependent on your age and the health of your skin. Two to three treatments four weeks apart are normally recommended, with a maintenance treatment every 6 months or yearly. However, your personal needs will determine the treatment protocol and your clinician will advise you.

How long do the treatments last for?

Treatment results vary, however, in most patients the results last up to 18 months. A maintenance treatment will prolong the results as will the use of cosmecuticals and other complimentary treatments.

Are there any side effects of PRP rejuvenation?

■   Minimal: Expect minimal swelling, bruising and redness for 12-24 hours. Some can experience headaches
■   Modest: Some may feel faint. A bruise at the venapuncture site may be visible for2-3 days.
■   Severe: Occasionally skin cellulitis or a secondary skin infection can occur which can be treated with antibiotics.

Can anyone have this treatment?

No, PRP is not for everyone. The contra-indications are:
■   SMOKERS, drug and alcohol uses
■   Platelet Dysfunction Syndrome
■   Critical Thombocytopenia
■   Haemodynamic Instability
■   Sepsis
■   Acute and Chronic Infections
■   Chronic Liver Pathology
■   Anti Coagulation therapy
■   Persons with Skin Disease or Cancer
■ Severe Metabolic and Systemic Disorders.