Summer Recovery Special

Sydney summer means fun in the sun, sand and surf.

It takes its toll on your skin. If you feel anything like us, you’ll be looking forward to a summer sun recovery treatment package at Skin Renu.

So… holidays are over and you need a quick fix. Come and have our super Summer Recovery Treatment.  A Peel with Crystal Fiber Mask and Omnilux treatment will have your skin looking fresh and radiant. The next week, you’ll follow up with a Laser Genesis treatment. All that for just $400!

While having your pick me up you can chat to our experienced staff about your plans for maintaining the glow and retightening your skin. Make a plan for 2017 to have your best skin ever.

And if there is too much ham, champagne or pudding on your thighs, hips or tummy don’t forget we can kiss them good bye with Coolsculpting.

Call the lovely Diana at reception on 9555 9506 to book in now.