Getting the most from your Skin Renu experience

Rejuvenation is a journey that we at Skin Renu want to accompany you on. As a holistic clinic dedicated to helping you to look your best, we offer a wide selection of premium treatments with the very best of the latest machines and products.

We are the experts with our products, treatments, laser and machines. You, however, are the expert on yourself, your needs, hopes, desires and means to achieve them.

We are here to give you accurate, trustworthy information on a wide variety of options so that you can make an informed decision on what treatment or course of treatments suit you.

The anti-ageing rejuvenation industry has a plethora of treatments, opinions and approaches. We have tried to focus on offering products and treatments that come with a history and are scientific in their approach, tested and proven. Our team consists of highly trained Doctors, Nurses and Dermal Clinicians who are experienced and happy to share their knowledge with you and help you in making your choices. Together we are confident we can help you look your best and feel more confident.

So take a moment to

•   Spend some time reflecting on the outcome you wish to achieve

•   What your priorities are

•   Whether social downtime is a factor

•   Reflect on what you are happy to invest in your appearance

Once you have decided and booked here are some guides to help you get the most from your treatments.

If you are having Dermal Fillers or Botox

•   Cease taking Fish Oil, Ginko Biloba, Garlic, Ginger, Ginseng, Asprin and Nurofen (unless prescribed by your Doctor) as these supplements and medications can increase the risk of bruising

•   Arrive at least 15mins early for your appointment should you wish to have some numbing cream for comfort. And it’s nice to arrive relaxed!

•   Consider booking a post treatment Omnilux to help with post treatment healing

•   Remember – strenuous exercise is not recommended for 24 hrs post treatment

•   If you have a special event or are travelling internationally, plan ahead as Muscle Relaxants take 7-10 days to peak in their action. It is unadvisable to travel long distance by air the day after Dermal Fillers. Read more about this.

If you are having a treatment with one of our Lasers/IPL/RF machines

•   Remember –  a natural tan or spray tan can exclude some laser treatments, particularly hair removal

•   Remember to shave the area to be treated the evening before.

•   Come well hydrated. This is particularly important for Fraxel and Clear+Brilliant treatments

•   Some medications make us light sensitive. If your medications change, please advise staff.

•   Post treatment is very important, please adhere to our post treatment guidelines.

•   Sunscreen is essential post laser/IPL and the area needs to be protected for at least a week.

If you have any questions, issues or concerns pre or post treatment please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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