Laser Genesis at Skin Renu

Instantly improve your complexion’s appearance while stimulating youthful collagen, ban redness, even out discolouration and tame the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Laser Genesis uses micro-pulses of light, suitable for even the most sensitive skins, to address many of our skin’s issues from the early signs of ageing and sun damage to acne scars.

The popular point of difference with Laser Genesis is how we experience the treatment itself. Skin Renu clients say it feels lovely!

As the micro-pulses gently heat the dermal layers of your skin the sensation can be described as a warm non-contact facial. There is no discomfort and NO DOWNTIME. Your skin may have a mild pink blush when the treatment is complete but this only lasts an hour or so and you will not need, or indeed want to apply makeup after. Your skin looks noticeably refreshed, smoother  with an attractive healthy glow.

With no downtime Laser Genesis can fit into the most busy person’s schedule. As a lunchtime treat or as a pick me up, no-one needs to know. The results, however, will speak for themselves. Results are subtle with each treatment and a course of treatments is recommended for an optimal outcome. You can be satisfied in the knowledge you are not only looking after your skin’s health by stimulating the production of collagen you can correct and address the appearance of fine lines, obvious pores, redness, discolouration and even acne scarring.

Many Skin Renu clients trial Laser Genesis and then return every four-six weeks for their t