Many complain about “post-holiday dullness” within the few weeks of being back from holiday. They feel their holiday glow has faded and their skin looks nothing but dried and unhealthy. Here are some great suggestions on how to deal with the “deprivation” of your skin after a wonderful holiday.

The reason behind “post-holiday dullness”

During the holidays, you were probably exposed to the sun a lot. Even though you’ve tried your best to protect your skin when exposed (unless you spent the entire holiday in a cinema) your skin was still getting some UV damage. Furthermore, holiday meals are not always the most nutritious. On average, people may even drink a glass or two more of wine than usual. All these factors can eventually create skin oxidation and skin dryness.

These little damages can worsen when we are back to the busy day-to-day life. Especially when the external environment changes from open natural beach/forest/riverside air, to air-conditioned indoor offices with the blue light from computer screens hitting your skin 5 days a week.

Not to mention the change in mentality and the psychological stress of coming back to work. The combination of all these factors accelerates the death of the skin cells and increases the inflammation under the superficial dermis and in time, drags you into the that dull skin feeling a few weeks after.

5 important tips to keep the skin glowing after holidays

1. Start to gently exfoliate the skin
The layer of dead skin cells should be taken care of when coming back to our everyday life so that we can avoid the skin dullness. Use active ingredients that have light exfoliation functions to gently remove the dead skin cells. However, be extra vigilant on exfoliating actives because if you choose an active that is too aggressive, you might end up irritating and creating a large amount of inflammation on your patients’ skin. ​Our experts suggest ​phytic acid​ w​hich is the gentlest exfoliant within all of Universkin active ingredients.

2. Focus on restore the skin barrier and rebalancing the skin
During the holidays, people tend to simplify their skin care routine, and the sun can take this opportunity to induce various damages to the skin. Rehydrate and rebalance the skin with a cream such as nex​ultraTM ​1 and nex​ultra​TM 3 that help boost the skin’s regeneration as well as restore the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

3. Focus on reducing the inflammation level of the skin

While you have the time of your life, your skin is under a lot of oxidative stress. It’s time to let the skin take a break, too. Try to use a cream with a light texture to treat the skin and to minimize discomfort and reduce inflammation. Nex​utlraTM​1 has the lightest texture within the Nex​ultra​TM range and is formulated for this type of situation.

4.  Don’t forget to treat the early sign of pigmentation
The sun can do more than just oxidize the skin, but also cause some visible sun spots. Treat them carefully with specific active ingredient(s), to make sure they won’t become an annoyance in the near future. Depending on the skin type, ​our experts suggest to include ​arbutin in your formulation ​in order start treating the pigmentation as early as possible.

5. Don’t take off ​the shield​ — continue the photo-protection
February is the new January, and we should definitely continue the protection of our skin from any potential sun exposure. For those spending more time in an outdoor environment, we recommend nex​ultraTM​Z to ensure maximum protection. If you work inside and with a screen in front of you at all times? Apply the nex​utlra​TM L to make sure you have a shield of protection from the blue light, infra-red, and other potential threats to their skin, while keeping their skin hydrated despite the air-conditioning. On top of that, top-off the protection with nex​ultraTM ​UV powder every two hours to keep the skin protected.

The path to the “post-holiday dullness” is not inevitable, you just need someone to point the way out. Univer​skin​ is here to support all your needs, regardless of your skin condition or skin type.


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