Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation: Is it a fad for the wealthy and bored to make throw away lines on reality TV and gossip magazines or is it a real treatment that address the serious issues faced by many women from different age groups? Rejuvenation is serious topic that can and should be talked about in a caring informative way as it is a term that refers to the treatment of a number of real issues women find problematic, embarrassing and often dismissed or mis-diagnosed.

It is not just a treatment to make the vagina look better it is a treatment that addresses and corrects problems and concerns faced by women of many different ages and stages of their lives.

Vaginal Dryness and Atrophy Treatment


  • Thermiva is the for the younger woman who has given birth vaginally and feels their vagina is now lax or that her vagina’s external structures have changed in appearance. Perhaps tampons have become difficult to retain or they are experiencing for the first time Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI.) SUI is no longer a laughing matter to be sneezed at (sorry couldn’t help myself but any woman who begins to experience urinary leakage with laughing, sneezing or coughing will appreciate my little joke and know that wearing a pad daily just in case, is not funny)
  • This is for the more mature women who may be suffering from dry vagina or fragile vagina, who is unable to have sex or suffering pain during intercourse. ThermiVa can relieve these issues by stimulating the production of collagen helping restore tone to the vagina, tightening lax muscle and stimulating the internal structures which create moisture relieving the dryness and discomfort experienced by many women.
  • ThermiVa is for the woman who had had breast cancer and is on estrogen suppressing medication.  “Chemotherapy induced ovarian failure and endocrine therapies including aromatase inhibitors and selective estrogen receptor modulators can trigger the onset of atrophic vaginitis or exacerbate existing symptoms. Symptoms of atrophic vaginitis include vaginal dryness, dyspareunia, and irritation of genital skin, pruritus, burning, vaginal discharge, and soreness. The diagnosis of atrophic vaginitis is confirmed through patient-reported symptoms and gynecological examination of external structures, introitus, and vaginal mucosa. “

ThermiVa Treatment is a radio-based frequency can help reverse vaginal atrophy, restoring tone to the vagina, helping with dryness and reduce symptoms such as pain with intercourse experience post chemotherapy and endocrine therapies.

What Is The Difference Between ThermiVa and Laser Vaginal Treatments?

ThermiVa can do everything Laser can but Laser cannot do everything ThermiVa can. ThermiVa is suitable for use over the clitoral hood and surrounding tissues, Laser cannot do this. This makes a woman more likely to achieve orgasm quickly as the treatment improves blood flow.  ThermiVa gently heats the tissue to stimulate collagen, improve blood flow etc, there is no tissue damage. This means no downtime, unlike a Laser treatment. Another point of difference is the size of the “wand”. The makers of ThermiVa deliberately developed a slim curved wand, no thicker than a woman’s finger. For women who find intercourse painful and uncomfortable treatment is non-threatening and easily tolerated.

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