Noticing fine lines and wrinkles, duller looking skin or an uneven skin tone? Omnilux Light Therapy offers a non-invasive, pain free solution for achieving clearer, brighter and smoother skin. Targeting the specific cells responsible for the synthesis and repair of skin’s supportive structures, Omnilux Light Therapy encourages the softening of fine lines and growth of healthy skin. Treatments can also be used for wound healing and stimulating collagen production for an improved skin tone and smoother complexion.

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The Omnilux Light Therapy Experience

Omnilux Light Therapy is an innovative, non-invasive group of treatments offering effective and lasting results for clients impacted by a range of skin conditions and concerns. From uneven skin tones and fine lines and wrinkles to wound healing and achieving clearer, brighter and smoother skin, Omnilux Light Therapy treatments are effective on a variety of skin types.

Safe and non-invasive, treatments work by utilising a targeted light to stimulate healthy skin growth. Treatments generally last for under half an hour and multiple Omnilux sessions are often required to achieve and maintain results. For maximum safety and comfort, Skin Renu requests that clients wear supplied safety eye protection glasses.


Omnilux Revive: the Red Light Therapy

Ideal for both men and women, Omnilux Revive: the Red Light Therapy reduces visible signs of skin ageing through a non-invasive light therapy treatment. Developed through years of medical research, it involves a completely painless pure non-laser light source through a matrix of purpose-built LEDs. During treatments, clients feel a warm sensation over the face – similar to that of lying under the sun.

Omnilux Revive: the Red Light Therapy takes around 30 minutes, including a skin analysis and consultation, and there are no side effects or downtime following treatments. After consistent treatments, clients notice clearer, brighter and smoother skin with a minimised appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Omnilux Blue Light Therapy

Omnilux Blue Light Therapy works to kill Propionibacterium acnes, or P.acnes; acne-causing bacteria. Sensitive to light at different wavelengths, treatments target the naturally occurring photosensitiser Coproporphyrin III to neutralise damaging bacteria on the skin. After bacteria has been neutralised, inflammation, redness and irritation is reduced.

Treatments involve the removal of makeup or sunscreen and the wearing of safety glasses. The light is positioned close to the face and treatments take around 15 minutes. Depending on the type of acne, therapists may recommend a salicylic acid treatment or gel.

Non-invasive and heat free, Omnilux Blue Light Therapy treatments are painless and comfortable. Working alongside the body’s own natural process of skin rejuvenation, treatments encourage clearer and balanced skin without the need for medication or painful procedures.


Omnilux Plus LED Light Therapy

Designed to stimulate skin regeneration processes, Omnilux Plus LED Light Therapy treatments help to rebuild and add strength to tissue. Ideal for scars, bruises and wound healing, treatments are best utilised in conjunction with Omnilux Revive: the Red Light Therapy for effective results. Both treatments work in unison to stimulate faster, more efficient and better lineated collagen synthesis – essential in creating younger and brighter skin.

From skin rejuvenation for tired or dull complexions to wound healing for scars, marks and bruises, Omnilux Plus LED Light Therapy offers a pain free, non-invasive solution. Effective and affordable, smoother, younger and clearer looking skin is easier than ever to achieve.



Omnilux Light Therapy treatments require multiple sessions to achieve high quality results. Ongoing infrequent maintenance sessions can also be used to protect the condition of skin and stimulate healthy growth.

As each client has a unique skin type and different skin concern, results from treatments can vary. For the majority of clients, fine lines and wrinkles are softened and skin appears younger and brighter. Wounds, scars and bruises are softened and lightened to minimise their appearance and encourage healing.


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