Microneedling: Acne Scar Treatment

Infini. Improve acne scarring and leave the past behind.

Clear smooth skin is one of the most desired outcomes of people looking to improve their appearance, and Infini has proven itself to be the treatment of choice in the reduction of acne scarring.

Acne can leave a lasting legacy of scarring which in turn causes a psychological scar as it is a constant reminder of a time when one was often very vulnerable and self-conscious.

It is now possible to improve or erase acne scarring to restore one’s skin to a smoothness not seen or felt in years with the use of Infini, a treatment that combines Radio Frequency (RF) and medical needing in the one modality. Scar remodelling is caused when the formation of new collagen is stimulated resulting in smoother more refined skin.

How Does This Acne Scar Treatment Occur?

Infini treats both the superficial and deeper layers of the skin simultaneously, stimulating collagen production at the dermal layer as well as improving the skin’s texture. This simultaneous delivering of the RF energy while the needles are in the skin results in controlled coagulation at the dermal layer. This coagulation is what stimulates a stronger wound healing response in the dermal layer without damaging the superficial layers of the skin.

Being able to manipulate the depth of the needle penetration, the level of the RF pulse and it length of time it is delivered means acne scars can be treated with greater efficacy while ensuring a level of safety with less downtime.  Infini can be thought of as medical needling on steroids, giving visible results more quickly than conventional-micro needling stimulating collagen while protecting more sensitive skin.

For the treatment of acne scars a course of 3-5 treatments is generally recommended. However, each course is tailored to suit your individual needs and the response you have progressively with each treatment. As a special treat and conclusion to each treatment you are treated to a complimentary post Omnilux to help with the redness and speed the healing process.

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