Why it’s the most popular treatment for a double chin

The double chin; ageing, impossible to target with exercise and an area that both men and women want treated NOW. 

So why CoolSculpting?

Firstly, because it works. The CoolSculpting procedure uses controlled freezing to target and kill the fat cells. The fancy terms used are “the fat cells die by apoptosis.” The important word is die. Now that’s a permanent term and a permanent outcome because the good thing is we stop making fat cells around adolescence so what CoolSculpting destroys is gone for good.
Secondly, CoolSculpting is more affordable than injectable fat dissolving injections. We know because we use to offer both treatments. We found more treatments were necessary with the injectables that dissolved the fat. The most we have had to do with CoolSculpting is two rounds.

What about downtime?

Thirdly, with CoolSculpting there is no need to hide away for days waiting for the swelling to go down. Even if you get a little swelling CoolSculpting will not have you looking like a bullfrog for days, and although bull frogs are kind of cute in the wild we have yet to meet someone keen on that look. The swelling can be minimal, with CoolSculpting it is not guaranteed that you will have swelling so no one needs to know, you don’t need to look Italian wrapped in complicated scarf tying in the middle of summer, it can be your fabulous secret.
Last but not least. The risks, I’m going to tread lightly here, but the consent forms for CoolSculpting when compared to injectable fat dissolving list far fewer possible side effects. That’s all I’m saying.

Why choose us?

So why Skin Renu for your submental (fancy word for double chin fat) CoolSculpting? Our CoolSculpting team leader, Jess, is a graduate of three CoolSculpting Universities including CoolSculpting headquarters in Pleasantville, California. She has performed hundreds of treatments and loves to get the best results for you. She will measure, feel and look extra carefully before she explains exactly where she will place the applicator and how many cycles she will do in the area. (A cycle is one application of the applicator).

What does it feel like?

You only have a momentary sensation of the cold as the area goes numb. You can then relax and watch some Netflix or get catch up on some sleep. After 45 minutes when the cycle is finished we remove the applicator and gently massage the area. The massage is the least comfortable part of the treatment, but we can all bear it particularly when we have had it explained that it makes the treatment even more efficient. You can then resume your normal activities with no restrictions.

Is CoolSculpting just for a double chin?

I have focused on the double chin area as there has been a lot of talk about this difficult to target area but the good news is CoolSculpting can be used in other areas. The abdomen, flanks, saddle bags, upper arms, bra rolls, the banana roll (a not so fancy name for the pesky roll under your buttocks) to name a few and here at Skin Renu we have all the applicators currently available to treat any area.
If you would like more information or are ready to book your consult please phone 9555 9506 now and discover why CoolSculpting remains the number one treatment for fat reduction world wide.