Why it’s the most popular treatment for a double chin

The double chin; ageing, impossible to target with exercise and an area that both men and women want treated NOW. 

So why CoolSculpting?

Firstly, because it works. The CoolSculpting procedure uses controlled freezing to target and kill the fat cells. The fancy terms used are “the fat cells die by apoptosis.” The important word is die. Now that’s a permanent term and a permanent outcome because the good thing is we stop making fat cells around adolescence so what CoolSculpting destroys is gone for good.
Secondly, CoolSculpting is more affordable than injectable fat dissolving injections. We know because we use to offer both treatments. We found more treatments were necessary with the injectables that dissolved the fat. The most we have had to do with CoolSculpting is two rounds.

What about downtime?

Thirdly, with CoolSculpting there is no need to hide away for days waiting for the swelling to go down. Even if you get a little swell