Skin Renu to the Rescue!


That pesky reddening of the face that causes so much frustration can be Rosacea. While rosacea cannot be cured it can be managed.

With the Christmas season upon us, here is a little list of triggers that may make your rosacea flare up.

ALCOHOL  is vasodilatory and makes the fine capillaries close to the skin’s surface more obvious

SUGAR causes inflammation and rosacea is an inflammatory condition


THE SUN  – in over 80% of rosacea sufferers the sun causes a worsening of their redness

EXTREMES IN TEMPERATURE  including climatic and very hot beverages

HOT BATHS, SAUNAS STEAM ROOMS dilate the blood vessels causing skin to be flushed

STRESS, although not clear why. Some believe in  the “target organ” theory. Stress in some causes migraines or tummy upsets. Some wear their stress on their skin

EXTREME EXERCISE can cause your rosacea to flare up.

Not everyone responds to all triggers in the same way.

With all the delicious food and parties in our lovely sunny Sydney there may be a few more red faces about, so…


What Skin Renu can do to help you keep your ROSACEA in check

LASER GENESIS  Take advantage of our Christmas newsletter special. Laser Genesis has a special setting to help shut down those surface capillaries and help calm the redness

OMNILUX calms inflammation and helps with Rosacea

RED ALERT by Medik8 contains Tepranone that directly targets capillaries calming them and reducing their appearance

SUNSCREEN-  especially Rationale’s BT-3 with Niacinamide (B3), not only helps counteract the sun’s effect on rosacea the Niacinamide calms the skin

WE ADVISE MODERATION – Enjoy foods and drinks that cause flare ups in moderation (or at least be good after Christmas). Take cooler baths and showers and allow hot drinks to cool.

AND EXERCISE  – Yes –  you saw no 8 above. When the silly season is over and the scales remind us of all the fun we had, return to an air conditioned gym and reduce the risks of flare up by warming up gently and exercising for shorter periods more often. Your rosacea will thank you for it.

Take a leaf from Rudolph’s book and