Keep Calm – it’s your birthday!

Birthdays are important at Skin Renu. We celebrate our patients birthdays by offering a complimentary Omnilux in their birthday month.
We realise that birthdays are a call to action as we often receive enquiries from those with an upcoming birthday ending in “0”.
How can we help you look your best for your special day (and the year ahead)?

Here is the “0” Birthday Rough Guide… Because no one wants rough skin on their special day!


Enjoy your day and remember your sunscreen, it’s the best anti-ageing product you will ever invest in! If the stress of organising your day means you have a sudden breakout, Omnilux will rescue your day, and it’s a great “too much party” recovery tool also.


Time to get serious about skin care. Invest in a well formulated science based product such as Rationale or Synergie. Get party ready with some refreshing Facial Peels 6-8 weeks before the big day. Many also start to think about saying goodbye to their frown lines with their first Anti Wrinkle injections and adding a little volume to their lips.


Depending on your life style and early choices, your skin may be showing early signs of sun damage and loss of collagen. Whisk away light pigmentation with Clear+Brilliant or get refreshed while relaxing with a course of Laser Genesis, the NO downtime, feel good laser that refreshes, tightens and gets your glow back. Some also begin to feel it’s time to give themselves a gift with their first Thermage, building up their collagen before the loss becomes too obvious.


It sneaks up! We feel 30 but things are changing, at times too fast. If it is lax skin, we can tighten with Thermage or Infini. You may also have obvious pigmentation. Fraxel will return clear skin AND tighten – two gifts in one treatment. Volume loss can also be restored with the use of Dermal Fillers.


No one will ever guess. A course of Infini with its ability to 3D Voluminize will smooth wrinkles – particularly those ones that seemed to appear around the mouth over night! Perhaps even a Thermage or Fraxel may be appropriate. Plan ahead. Give yourself at least three months. The collagen we will stimulate takes time to grow and you will see the full effects of these wonderful treatments 3-6 months after.


Never worried before but just want some glow back? It’s never too late to start. Just like the make-up you wore in your 40’s may not suit you, your skin care may need reviewing. Luminosity and improved skin texture can be achieved with adding active cosmeceuticals to your skin care. Lax skin can be tightened with a Thermage and subtle use of Dermal Fillers can smooth the skin and return some lost volume. A course of Facial Peels can improve fine lines and help with pigmentation. An Omnilux the day before can give glow without discomfort.


Today will be your day so you can relax and look fabulous. A series of Omnilux with no downtime or discomfort will ensure you look as well as you feel, combined with a hydrating Crystal Fibre Mask you will have a luxurious treatment and be ready to once again be the star of your special day.

It is never too early, nor too late to sensibly look your best.

Happy Special Birthday from all at Skin Renu.

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