Which treatment is best for summer – Fraxel or Clear+Brilliant?

As we head into summer with glorious bright sunny days we not only shed our clothing for light breezy clothes we also shed our heavy makeup. Summer is a time to have your skin radiant with minimal makeup.

So how do we get our skin party ready, with a smooth texture and even tone?

Fraxel and Clear+Brilliant treatments are perfect for whisking away pigment, smoothing texture and allowing your skin’s radiance to reflect the renewed energy you feel with all the outdoor activities and parties that the warmer weather brings.

Fraxel is the ideal treatment to have in the cooler winter months. With a little downtime it is perfect for when curling up at home with a good book or bad television is so appealing. Treating both pigmentation and resurfacing for texture and tone Fraxel has been a favourite go to of many in the know.

If you missed the opportunity this winter it is never too late. Clear+Brilliant and Clear+Brilliant Permea are here to save the day. With minimal downtime and maximum results you will be picture perfect for the party season ahead. This is a lighter treatment using the same principles of Fraxel. Clear+Brilliant gently refines the skin in both texture and tone, skin is smoothed and radiance returned. Especially for younger skins that have less issues and wish to prevent them Clear+Brilliant is an excellent introduction to the benefits of laser.

Both these treatments are ideal for preparing your skin for summer, it is all a question of timing which will be better suited for you.

What are the benefits of the treatments?

The benefits of Fraxel are the dual modalities that allow for the reduction of pigmentation and the stimulation of collagen at the dermal level. These two modalities result in skin not just more even in tone but the reduction of pores, fine lines giving the skin improved texture and rejuvenating from the inside out to smooth and brighten the skin

Clear+Brilliant also reduces the appearance of pores and pigment and returns radiance to the skin. It is perfect for younger skin and those who wish to have a preventative approach to their skin care. With minimal to no downtime it is easier to incorporate year round and suits those with busy life styles. With that said it is an excellent preparatory treatment for those who are older and would love to try a Fraxe.l It prepares the skin for Fraxel while giving you more luminous skin with a finer texture.

How can laser make you more skin confident for summer?

Lasers such as Fraxel and Clear+Brilliant are super confidence boosters as you simply look better! Not only do you look better your skin looks dewy, fresh and make up sits better and light is reflected off your smooth skin. It is this luminescence that gives you confidence.

Is the recovery/downtime longer when you have these treatments in summer?

Now that’s an interesting question. Not really. Fraxel can leave your skin quite pink and hot which is a little more uncomfortable in the warmer weather.

The secret for a fabulous treatment and minimal downtime is to prepare your skin for the treatment. Most importantly be well hydrated before and after the treatment. That does mean a glass of water before we start. We have all heard it before but make the effort to drink those glasses of water throughout the day for at least two days before. Also drink after the treatment. You will lose heat. Your skin will need that extra help to work its magic to repair and rebuild below the surface. Ironically this can be a bigger issue in winter as we tend to drink less!

Sylvia Down, Practice Manager, Skin Renu